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"Doug is the Wizard of Words!"

- Dave M., Vice President of Marketing, Charlotte, N.C.


Here's how I can help

My system will help you show hiring managers how you can solve their problems.
When you do, you have won the interview.

My comprehensive three-step, story-telling process:

  • Will help you learn more about yourself,
  • Will demonstrate that you understand the hiring managers' needs and the challenges they face.
  • Will show the hiring manager (or senior leadership) what you can do for them.

    Ask yourself these questions:

    How clear is your message?
    Does your resume and accomplishments reflect your critical-thinking skills?
    Does your resume leverage your knowledge and core competencies?
    Does it differentiate you - and provide a predictor of your next success?
    Does your resume brand you as a key resource for others in your industry?

    "Recently I have been appointed the CEO of a +2b public company, and your professional work product was definitely a piece of making that happen. I had more than one of the board members whom I interviewed with comment on an 'impressive resume'."

    Curtis R., CEO, Bellevue, Washington

    Select the service which best meets your needs:

  • Resumes

    Single-Step, Interactive Resume Creation learn more below

    Resume Editing and Writing Upgrade learn more below

    Comprehensive Executive Resume Career Storytelling learn more below

    For executive career storytelling that sends the right message that you deliver results:

    Call Doug Morrison at 704-527-5556 or email Doug

    ■ Single-Step Interactive Resume An hourly rate applies (call for weekly pricing)

    Resumes are developed through a highly collaborative process, working with the client face-to-face. We build your resume together, integrating the writing and interview process in a single-step session.

    Timelines vary, but average 3-5 hours.

    Demonstrate your value.

    ■ Resume Editing and Writing Upgrade $395 (Starting Price)

    60-minute interview to capture key accomplishments (usually 1-2 most important examples of the value you've added to each employer).

    Writing of document (1-page resume).

    4-7 business days' delivery for project.

    Review session (approx. 1 hour).

    ■ Comprehensive Executive Resume Career Storytelling $ Call for quote

    Call to discuss your background and get quote. Methodology provides a resume of extraordinary quality, precision and clarity.

    Usually with a 2 1/2 - to 3-hour interview.

    Resume applies the S.H.A.R.E concept.

    7-10 business days for project delivery.

    Process recommended for executives, from director-level to C-suite.

    At, I can help you prepare your marketing documents – your LinkedIn profile, your resume, your cover letter and your bio-narrative – to enhance success in today's troubling economy.

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