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When I wrote my first resume in 1984, my client asked me how long I had been writing resumes. My answer, at the time, was honest but a little flippant: nine years. It was a true statement. I had been writing and rewriting my own resume countless times. And I had done so successfully. I had gotten jobs in advertising, sales and writing with magazines.

I had discovered something many of you have, too. It's difficult to decide what to include and what to leave out. As a writer I continue to discern what's important, what's necessary and what's expendable in writing all my resumes. And that is important to both me - and you.

In helping you to market yourself, I conduct a Q&A session to identify your strengths, problem-solving skills and accomplishments to show how you meet the needs of your targeted job.

To get interviews, you must capture the attention of the hiring manager - as well as the automated tracking systems (ATS). Today's ATS screen for job-appropriate keywords, phrases and concepts that fit their agenda. I can help you understand how these work, and craft a resume to meet the needs of the specific job.

Why use a local resume writer?

  • You will work with me (not a "virtual someone") who embraces a "get-to-know" approach that helps you understand how the employer thinks - and communicate the value that you add.
  • You get a face-to-face consultation (if you prefer), a real-time consultant who asks the right questions to write the right resume for the right (or targeted) job.
  • You will a get a custom-crafted resume that shows hiring managers why they should hire you.
I've helped thousands of clients achieve higher incomes and greater job satisfaction. If you're interested, call (704) 527-5556 and I can help you, too. You may contact me via email, but please include YOUR phone number.

"Before you rewrote my resume, the last person who reviewed it - a headhunter who is a friend of mine - said I'd probably have better luck if I bought lottery tickets and prayed for the best. When I showed him the draft you prepared, he said I'd better cancel my golf outing at the lake next week because he already had scheduled several interviews for me."
- George L.
Marketing Manager, National Sports Beverage Manufacturer

Writing Experience & Credentials:

■ Co-author, "Charlotte: Nothing Could Be Finer," (Doug Mayes, Nancy Stanfield and Doug Morrison), Towery Publishing
■ Contributing writer to 14 resume texts, including the "Expert Resumes" series, "Cover Letter Magic," "Gallery of Best Resumes" and "Gallery of Best Cover Letters" books.

Featured as career expert on NBC's local (Charlotte) affiliate WCNC-TV, and Selected as a Regional Expert for

Past Career Advice Columnist
Quoted in articles: "CareerBuilder," Tribune Media Services, "The Charlotte Observer"

"Toast of the Resume Industry" (TORI Award Nominee, Best Cover Letter, TORI Award, Best Cover Letter)

B.A., English, University of Lynchburg

On A Personal (and lighter) Note:
Doug likes to read The New Yorker, The Oxford American and Smithsonian Magazines. And he is seeking a dog who would like to adopt him.

Doug Morrison

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Toast of the Resume Industry TORI Award Nominee, Best Cover Letter & TORI Award, Best Cover Letter