What Is Your Motivation to Work for Our Company?

Most people would respond to this job application question (if you were in sales) something like this: “I believe that my experience in developing customer relationships and selling national brands will help your company to continue to grow and become a market leader.”

Although this may be true, it would be far better “to do the job during the interview.” What do I mean? Simply this: You must meet the employer’s needs. Don’t make the mistake of thinking, “I’m out to get the job.” Rather, adopt the mindset that you are out “to do the job.” Tell the company that when you meet with the department’s hiring manager (if you are currently in a sales role, you should be reaching out to the sales manager directly to establish a relationship), you will demonstrate that you will deliver value—that you will provide greater benefit than other candidates.

How do you do this? By researching the company before the interview. By talking (and developing relationships) with someone—or multiple persons—who work for (or with) the company. These people could be current sales representatives/account managers and/or vendors within the supply chain. These people have knowledge about the company’s challenges and culture. Cultivate these relationships. Pick their brains.

If you do this (or at least some of this), you will know more about the company’s needs, challenges and problems—and you will be in a better position to demonstrate that you can solve their problems.