When I wrote my first resume in 1984, my client asked me how long I had been writing resumes. My answer, at the time, was honest but a little flippant: nine years. It was a true statement. I had been writing and rewriting my own resume countless times. And I had done so successfully. I had gotten jobs in advertising, sales and writing with magazines.

I had discovered something many of you have, too. It’s difficult to decide what to include and what to leave out. As a writer I continue to discern what’s important, what’s necessary and what’s expendable in writing all my resumes. And that’s important to both me — and you.

But I’m more than a writer of resumes. I write essays, poetry and short fiction — some of which appears (or will appear) on this blog. The subjects vary and links are cited below as “Categories.” I love writing — and hopefully you will enjoy reading some of them, too.