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Effective resumes bring your qualifications to life and provides compelling proof that a potential employer must hire you. Now you can have a resume and cover letter that showcases your contributions and performance which will allow you to land the best job offer and end your job search quicker! Doug Morrison has advised 10,000 job seekers, written 5,000 resumes and cover letters, spoken on National Public Radio and written for six resume guides. Doug simplifies the task of uncovering and highlighting important excerpts from your work history. He knows the secret to neutralizing negative issues such as education, work history and age. With his targeted questions and job-search expertise, you'll leave behind the boring, and re-enter an exciting, stimulating way to spend your time earning a living. Doug writes resumes that give you the competitive edge to land a job you'll love.

Doug, why do people hire you? "My clients are never disappointed. I work hard to make them fully satisfied. I believe my first job is to make my clients happy and my second, equally important, job is to write exceptional resumes. I ask questions in different ways that chisel and polish my clients' accomplishments - like a diamond miner - until the results reflect their true value."

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