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Are you looking for a senior executive resume writer that will will jump-start your career? If you're at the senior management level, you understand the importance of a resume written to executive standards. Doug is not a mediocre writer who includes executive resumes in his practice. He writes exclusively for senior management and executives, at a specialty level of service, and his pricing and quality reflect his expertise. Doug works best with senior management and executives in sales and marketing who have been downsized, terminated or who suffer from "greener pasture syndrome". He knows how to present the events of your sales and marketing career in such a way that your resume will not only make it past the screening but it will get you in the door for an interview.

Your new resume begins with a comprehensive, personal interview. Doug partners directly with you to ensure the accuracy of information and the appropriate assessment of your career goals. Doug's service is unique - you don't fill out page after page of questions. He teams with you, asking specific questions to uncover how you've added value to your former employers and then translates that value into return on investment for your potential employer. If you're ready to stop tolerating boredom and trade a ho-hum job for a challenging career, contact Doug now!

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