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If you're ready for your career excitement to go from 0 to the top, a new executive resume is the answer. Since 35% of your waking hours are spent earning a living, your career should be a life-enhancing experience and not just a job. For the past 20 years, Doug Morrison's resumes have positioned over 1,600 senior executives to move from ho-hum work routines to challenging careers. Doug has found the secret to balancing the strategy of identifying what you do best, what you enjoy doing, and the value you have added to your employer with style and presentation. The finished resume provides compelling proof that a potential employer must hire you.

Your new resume begins with a comprehensive, personal interview. Doug partners directly with you to ensure the accuracy of information and the appropriate assessment of your career goals. Doug's service is unique - you don't fill out page after page of questions. Your resume is your calling card - your introduction that either makes or breaks your opportunity for an interview. Don't leave that to chance. Make sure that your resume is at the top of the stack with Doug's expertise and proven track record of writing executive sales and marketing resumes that win challenging, top-level positions.

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