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Resumes The marketing message in your resume must articulate YOUR unique position within your field, industry and profession. And it must do so in a compelling manner. You must be an authentic brand – and this brand must be built around your passions and values, and position you as more than a commodity. Your resume must address the problems you've solved, how you've solved them, and the impact on the organization. It must SHOW hiring managers why they should hire you.

My system will facilitate your interviewing process, providing impetus for conversation during telephone and face-to-face interviews. Unlike many resume writers, I don't use worksheets for clients to complete. Rather, I conduct a personal information-gathering session to identify where and how you have added value. Only when the resume focuses upon how your skills and past experience can specifically benefit an employer will it resonate with hiring managers.

■ Personalized and Consultative Approach: The Personalized and Consultative Approach includes my 3-step process (QA, Writing and Review). Because fees vary based on resume length (one or two pages) and complexity, please call for current pricing.

If you inquire through e-mail, you must include your phone number to ensure my personal response.

■ Special Interactive On-demand Resume Product (IOD): With this product, I build the resume with you in a highly collaborative session, integrating a question-and-answer conference with the writing of the resume. Most IOD resumes are completed the same day.

My special interactive process provides personalized engagement with your immediate feedback to guarantee accuracy — and the authenticity of your voice. This type of service is rarely offered and is rendered in the rapidly growing Charlotte market. On-demand resume fees start at $250.

Please call me - To discuss your specific background and needs. If needed, we can schedule a convenient time to talk.

Cover Letters
Although some surveys indicate that only 40% of hiring managers read cover letters, the question always arises: which 40%? If you don't want to be left out, you need a cover letter. The cover letter should complement, not regurgitate, the content of your resume. And, like the resume, it should do so in a compelling way.

At Career Power, your GREAT cover letter must, in the opening line, do one or more of the following things:

  • Speak to the employers' need – and reflect the fact that you, as a professional in your industry, know their needs and can meet their needs.
  • Ask a question that the hiring manager is asking themselves – and then answer the question by showing how you've successfully resolved a similar issue in your previous employment history.
  • Tell a story (keep it brief) that demonstrates how you overcame a challenge that directly relates to the position you are applying for – and make that connection in your cover letter.
With my hands-on approach, I will collaborate with you to brainstorm and create some scenarios.

Targeted Executive Recruiter Campaigns
Using a frequently updated database, I can identify executive recruiters who conduct searches in specific industries and position codes (job descriptions) – and inexpensively target thousands of recruiters who can provide opportunities that are relevant to your career agenda.

Alignment of Your LinkedIn Profile and Your Marketing Message through
Today's successful job candidates are using LinkedIn. And so are recruiters. According to Forbes July 16, 2012 issue, one of the nation's leading executive search firms, Heidrick and Struggles, has lost 67% of its stock value in the last five years. Monster Worldwide, which operates online job boards, has tumbled 81%. Why? Traditional recruiting has been turned on its head.

Today most midlevel, professional and C-level searches are conducted (at least initially) through automation. These high-skill jobs, paying from $50,000 to $250,000+ a year, are filled using LinkedIn's Recruiter and other hiring-solutions products to hunt for high achievers. Call it "Headhunting 101" or "Headhunting for Dummies." Whatever you call it, it has become the #1 tool for hiring the best of the best.

With a few mouse clicks on a laptop, the internal recruiter can tailor a search. In minutes a recruiter can identify the best candidates from the top 20 companies within an industry, their current jobs, how many years of experience they have – and their locations. A comprehensive search can be completed in a few hours vs. weeks, using the traditional method.

Today's savvy job candidate must tap into this methodology – this technology – if they're going to succeed.

At, I can help you prepare your marketing documents – your LinkedIn profile, your resume, your cover letter and your bio-narrative – to enhance success in today's troubling economy.

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