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To get started in your job search, you need navigation tools. The wind provides navigation or the impetus for seeds to pollinate by transporting them from one location to another. A resume provides the same momentum to launch the interview process.

But remember: the true purpose of a resume is to show the hiring manager that you will generate more revenue and/or profit than it will cost the company to hire you.

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If you have some questions about my process (see my Home page), products/services (see Products & Pricing) which includes resume review. If you don't have a resume - or if it's more than 5 years' old - we may need to rebuild it.

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  • Contributing writer to the Expert Resumes book series, Cover Letter Magic, Gallery of Best Resumes and Gallery of Best Cover Letters books
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  • Quoted in The Charlotte Observer
  • Award-winning resume/cover letter writer: Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI Award nominee, Best Cover Letter; TORI Award, Best Cover Letter, Career Directors International)
  • Co-author, Charlotte: Nothing Could Be Finer, a history of Charlotte, N.C. and its corporations

"I have recently been appointed the CEO of a +$2b public company, and your professional work product was definitely a piece of making that happen. I had more than one of the board members whom I interviewed with comment on an 'impressive resume.' Thanks again for the excellent end product."
- Curtis R.

"Just a quick e-mail to thank you for the very personalized service. Your comprehensive interview fleshed out a surprising number of facts, details and even personality traits that I wouldn't have considered. In the last six weeks I've distributed 300 resumes. Even during the current slow economy, I've received 28 inquiries for more information, telephone and in-person interviews. I really appreciate your expertise; I'm so grateful"
- Pamela G.
Sales Director, Fortune 250 Cosmetics Company

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