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"I have recently been appointed the CEO of a +$2b public company, and your professional work product was definitely a piece of making that happen. I had more than one of the board members whom I interviewed with comment on an 'impressive resume.' Thanks again for the excellent end product."
- Curtis R.

"Just a quick e-mail to thank you for the very personalized service. Your comprehensive interview fleshed out a surprising number of facts, details and even personality traits that I wouldn't have considered. In the last six weeks I've distributed 300 resumes. Even during the current slow economy, I've received 28 inquiries for more information, telephone and in-person interviews. I really appreciate your expertise; I'm so grateful"
- Pamela G.
Sales Director, Fortune 250 Cosmetics Company

"Less than a month after completion, I was offered an outstanding opportunity, which I accepted. The resume that Doug developed played a key role in this process."
- Richard S.,
Vice President, National Insurance Corporation

"Thanks so much for your help! Within 24 hours I have a phone interview with ... Let me know if you need a testimonial for your website."
- Kim A.,
Founder/Business Development Executive, Commercial Insurance Firm

"Career Power isn't your everyday resume service... Doug's thorough consultation resulted in a stellar presentation [of] the final resume. He took the time to fully understand what I have done and, more importantly, where I wanted to go. I have often been complimented on the professionalism of my resume, and the response that I received has literally changed my life!"
- Robert Z.
Security Administration Analyst, Major U.S. [fourth largest] Bank

"I was able to secure a job that could potentially almost double what my old salary was. My guaranteed base is $20,000 better than what I was making. Your work is among the best."
- John M. H.,
Senior Account Manager

"You did such a great job on my resume, I now have a lovely new job-and one of my old associates would like to speak to you about doing hers"
- Wendy W.,
Assistant Vice President, NYSE-traded insurance brokerage and consulting corporation

"I got a significant pay raise and now report directly to the National Sales Manager. Without the highlights and skillfully crafted resume for what I've done in the past two years, I wouldn't have had the confidence to position myself for the new opportunity."
- Dana C.,
Senior Account Manager, $2 billion global provider of specialty building products

"I haven't had much time to devote to my job search ... I have submitted resumes to approximately 7 companies and have received 4 [favorable] responses back almost immediately. Thanks to you that says a lot about my resume."
- Lorraine T.,
Inside Sales Rep., Environmental Systems Company

"Thanks, Doug, for your help. The feedback on the resume was outstanding. I begin my new job on the 22nd.
- John D.,
Senior Vice President, Commercial Relationship Officer, Regional Bank

"Just wanted to let you know, I did get the job in Washington. The resume is wonderful, and everyone was very impressed. It worked! Thanks."
- Kimrey W.,
Washington, D.C., Congressional Assistant, Capitol Hill

"I especially realized the effectiveness of the resume once I started looking for a job. I am excited about my new career and the start of a new life... It all started with the resume. I am glad I went to you to get [the process] started."
- Barbara H.,
Marketing Analyst, Fortune 500 Corporation

"Your design and authoring of my resume was outstanding! I was proud to give it to my prospective employer. Because you took the time to interview me thoroughly and identify key points I know I would have overlooked, you were able to craft an impressive resume. It was a powerful tool in opening employment doors. I sent the resume to five prospective employers and subsequently was offered five employment opportunities."
- Ken M.,
Regional Director, International Management Consulting Firm

"I reviewed the first draft immediately upon receiving it. I can't believe it! I made but one small change, before sending it to three companies. Two called last Friday to schedule interviews. This is unbelievable; I'm referring you to all my outplaced friends! Thanks."
- Jennifer D.,
Director of a Human Services Agency

"My wife, who is VP of Human Resources for the bank, was so impressed with the format and wordsmithing (she has read literally thousands of resumes) that she would like you to restructure hers."
- George H.,
Regional Sales Manager, IT Solutions Company

"Thanks for helping me identify my skills and determine the best strategy for my background. Your precision with the language, attractive formatting and design, and attention to detail have already paid off for me. I have posted the resume on hotjobs, monster and several company-sponsored websites. Last week four companies called to schedule interviews. In addition, seven headhunters have attempted to get in touch with me. Once again, thanks for the great job."
- Brooke M.,
Vice President/Securities Operations, Banking Industry

"Thanks for convincing me that you were the person to redesign my resume and cover letter. As a product development professional, I know quality is the #1 criteria. You're very talented. Again, thanks."
- Donna O.
Product Development Manager, Lynn, Massachusetts

"Before you rewrote my resume, the last person who reviewed it - a headhunter who is a friend of mine - said I'd probably have better luck if I bought lottery tickets and prayed for the best. When I showed him the draft you prepared, he said I'd better cancel my golf outing at the lake next week because he already had scheduled several interviews for me."
- George L.
Marketing Manager, National Sports Beverage Manufacturer

"You were very attentive and effectively incorporated my past experience and skills into my resume. Additionally, you were able to read into what type of career I was looking for, and you were able to format the resume to suit my needs. I especially realized the effectiveness of the resume once I started looking for a job. I am excited about my new career and the start of a new life. . . It all started with the resume. I am glad I went to you to get [the process] started."
- Barbara H., Marketing Analyst, Fortune 500 Corporation

"Thank you once again for your great work in recrafting my resume. I was extremely pleased with your writing style, layout suggestions and most of all your promptness in providing me with a timely product."
- Lisa W., Assistant Vice President/Commercial Finance, Fortune 100 Corporation

"The resume looks GREAT - and definitely sells my skills. You were a pleasure to work with. I appreciate all your hard work, and detailed approach. Thanks for the exceptional job."
- Russell R., Project Manager, Utility Construction Firm, Atlanta, Georgia

"An unparalleled resume. Your work is a 10!"
- Marty P., President, Retail Bedding Company

"I just wanted to express my appreciation . . . for your recommendations concerning my resume and cover letter. Among other things, your editorial comments allowed me to insert my current position without sacrificing the integrity of my previous work experience. In addition, thanks for your earlier assistance back in 1993 and for your [recent] overall availability and enthusiastic interest."
- Gary R., Municipal Government Professional

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